Laurent Garnier – OH DAy is brilliant ….i love it. I will play the hell out of this beuifull dancefloor dreamer. This is a great 4 tracker ep — MERCIIIIIIII

Tom Flynn – Hi Mate, WOW! These are amazing!!! Superb release man, lead track is an absolute beauty, and the other 3 are flipping good too!!!

Drums of Death – Love the Oh Day tune.. yeah, massive! Well done man

Rob Da Bank – love it mate, dloading now, will try n play on radio

Nuno Dos Santos – O Day & Mind are pretty awesome! thanx!

Hernan Cattaneo – very good stuff man… support

Kiki – this one´s sounding great! all 4 tracks are quality, but “o day” should be BIG!

Severino – this release super good. Apart for Dali wich is ok all the other 3s are FAB!! im gonna test it out next weekend

David Alvarado – Great F’nin release..

Michel De Hey – hey kevin, love this! especially 1+4.

Lem Springsteen (Mood II Swing) – After listening I must say that this track sounds pretty amazing to say the least. I usually don’t fancy big room stuff anymore but this track transports you especially when the strings come on & bass change, WOW! Production is amazing! This could be major for you in clubland! Congrats!

Alex Arnout – I like ‘Mind’, proper naughty bizniz 🙂

James Shaw – Cheers for this, Hummm is going in the box, I’ll give it a spin.

Manik – Yeah quite deep n cool. I liked Dali the best. May use it in my upcoming podcast ill be doing… Take care and thanks again

Sergey Sanches (Propaganda, Moscow) – Wow! Wow! Wow!!!! It’s just AMAZING! Really fresh & very emotional. My favorite is Mind.

Tobi (Moonbotica) – thanks a lot for sending. This ep really blew my mind! Extremely well produced. outstanding. It went directly to my heart, congrats on releasing this beauty! O Day is probably the strongest, but the other 3 tracks are also great.

Nik Lawson – I know Daniel well by now, been following him since Sasha started playing Oday around this time last year. Daniel was kind enough to send me a copy of Oday a while back, and been my biggest tune over the summer. I played it at almost every gig and its destroyed each and every dance floor.
Almost a throw back to the old days of Prog House, with the massive break down and and lush keys, when it drops nothing but smiles and hands in the air.

Dualton – strong ep! love it. sounds different and that’s great!

Rob Mello – This should be a big one for you. It’s very big room and i like what Daniel is doing. It’s a little too tough in parts but tracks 2 and 4 are doing it for me.

Tim Paris – Man loving this project a lot. Some great moment in these tracks… ‘Mind’ and ‘Hummm’ would be my favorite here !

Justin Miller (Have A Killer Time) – This O day track is hypnotic. thank you for sending!

Adam (3 Beat) – Really like this one mate, prob my fave release since you came back, the lead track sounds very big.

Timo Garcia – wow i love O Day!

Rob (Stereo MCs) – yeah really like the overall sound -o day and dali appealed most

Dave (Mn2S) – Shit hot ep mate, nice one!

Matt Walsh (Clouded Vision) – can totally see why sasha would play it, great production and melody. 1st track is big!

Shivers – My pick here is O Day, but a very solid offering of 4 tracks..Supporting!

Grant Nelson – Cheers K!

Dj Paulette – They are lush and sexy for sure but not something I can play since they fall more on the tech house / deep progressive side. Sound perfect for Sasha, Hernan, Zabiela. My favourites of the four are O Day and Mind.

Adam Sky – thanx 4 these i downloaded dali and hummm….both will prob work well in my set on friday in krisha,moscow… i like daniel’s mood and drums fx

Gabriel (Factor City) – O day is nice. will try out!.

Andi Durrant – Thanks for this. I like “O Day” – watched the Sasha video you put in the description too – awesome 🙂

Jeff Doubleu – main track is amazing indeed man! will support for sure!

Ric Colair – The Daniel Trim release is huge, really nice Techno, straight forward without compromises. O Day and Hummm are my favs.

Released by: Glasgow Underground 

Release/catalogue number: GU2012

Release date: Nov 26, 2012