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Daniel Trim follows up his killer “Do You Really Love What You Do” with the “Odet EP”, his third for Glasgow Underground.


Kicking off with “Asimo”, Trim shows – with this spell-binding tune – that he really is a master of the melodic rave. Like a techno version of Ten Walls “Requiem” this track has one of those baselines; a creeping, throbbing monster that will hook you and and leave the dance-floor totally locked in the groove.


“Odet” takes us somewhere completely different. It’s like a modern day version of “Last Rhythm” – one of those tunes that was made for dancing on ecstasy. It has everything you would want when you’re at an MDMA party; punchy beats, warm rolling bass and the kind of spiralling synth hooks and blissed-out chords that make you grin wide, bounce high and make silly moves.


We all love nostalgia but while almost every other producer on the planet is raping their 90s US house collection for inspiration, Trim finds his muse somewhere else entirely. “Saltwater” is an instrumental cover of the Chicane hit from ’99 and turns the Clannad sampling pop-trancer into the kind of tripped-out club record that – in the right hands – will be a total show-stopper. Huge! Just as I’m uploading this, Soundcloud has decided to disable this track so if you can’t see it, you’ll have to download the whole ep to get it! If you can see it, hurrah!. Sense has prevailed.




Daniel Trim – Odet EP – Reactions


Support from: Jackmaster, Gilles Peterson, Jimpster, John Digweed, Alex Metric, Skream, Sasha, Solomun, Funk D’Void, Pearson Sound, Kiki, Trickski, Joyce Muniz, Justin Sloe, Kolombo, Kruse & Nuernberg, Nice7, Simon Baker, Ray Foxx, Josh Butler, Tensnake, Dark Sky, Behling, DJ Three, Michel De Hey, Pavel Petrov, Auntie Flo, Terry Farley, Danny Krivit, Bill Brewster, Luke Pompey, Nhan Solo, Jon Marsh (The Beloved), OOFT!, Dominic Martin, Hector Romero, Brett Johnson, Mash, Charles Webster, DJ Rocca, Danny c90s, Tobi (Moonbootica), Graeme Park, Graham Sahara, Yass, PAULIE, Neil Quigley, Gemma Furbank, Max Pask, Shane Johnson, Stacey Pullen, ATFC, Illyus, Jas Shaw, Vandelay, Sare Havlecik, Christian Homan (RTE Pulse, Eire), Bruno from Ibiza, Vandelay, Alex Caslano, Brett Gould


Reactions :


Jackmaster – really like asimo!!!


Alex Metric – Asimo is amazing. fresh production. really really good.


Gilles Peterson – Very Garnier!


Skream – Really feeling all tracks.


Jimpster – Yeah!  Strong release!  Can see Odet working especially nicely when dropped at the right time but the whole EP sounds top notch.


Funk D’Void – brilliant, simply brilliant….


Kiki – Huge EP! Will definitely try “Asimo” and “Odet” tonight at Watergate and might get into the right mode to play “Metamorphose” as well!


John Digweed – Good stuff


Sasha – Filthy!


Kolombo – Asimo is Dope!


Nice7 – last track is wonderful…perfect track to close a perfect night!


Daniel / Trickski – Asimo really does sound great! cant wait to drop this in a club! what a great package by the way!


Florian Kruse (Kruse & Nuernberg) – Wicked EP!!! Asimo is the one I like!


Joyce Muniz – asimo for me thanks


Justin Sloe – I imagine this will do some proper dancefloor terrorizing this fall


Andre (Droog) –  the vocal tracks were a bit oddball for me, but the first three are all good, especially “Asimo”


Michel De Hey – asimo hits the spot 4 me! like the angelo collab as well..


Dark Sky – feeling these alot, especially Asimo. Great warm analogue synth sounds


Josh BUtler – I think Asimo is the one for me here, really cool use of synths here. Thanks a lot!


Terry Farley – Odet is indeed amazing in a E soaked 4am kinda way ..  lovely house music


Brett Johnson – WOW!! crazy solid! Cant wait to get it on a system! Asimo is a monster! Wav please!


Behling (& Simpson) – Asimo sounds really interesting – downloading for a closer listen.  Thanks!


Luke Pompey – Such a well produced release! Love them all but Asimo is my pick of the bunch… Raw and relentless it’s got my support!


Bill Brewster – The only one I like is Odet, but that’s very good indeed.


Danny Krivit – I like Daniel Trim – Asimo, can you please send me a wave file? 🙂


Severino – Great release. Asimo and last track are great for me


Ray Foxx –  Cool EP, Thanks!


Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep) – Asimo standing out for me here. Solid groove, strong synth parts and a distinctive, original sound. Will be playing.


Mash – Loved his last ep and this is another cracking ep full of great tracks


Dj Yass – Asimo mix is sick! Really dig it !!


Graham Sahara – loving the Odet track.


Nhan Solo – Metamorphose is aaaaamazing, knee deep shit !!!


DJ Rocca – Asimo is so fresh…


Jon Marsh (The Beloved) – very, very good ep – vast range all accomplished with consummate ease… ‘odet’ probabbly the key track as the energy/melody balance is perfect but my contrary deep soul prefers the last track with wifi yi tong – unfortunately my browser doesn’t display the title. i guess i’ll discover upon download … awesome stuff nonetheless xx


DJ Three / Chris Milo – stoked to hear the follow-ups to his previous outing on the label… love his sonics… his sub-bass is ace.   Asimo, Odet and Saltwater and Metamorphose are all super.


Slam (Orde) – will try out thnks guys


Auntie Flo – liking asimo


Tobi (Moonbootica) – gladfully there’s somebody around, who’s not into generics… still find it hard for me to play, but i enjoy the music. asimo is my fav.


Ali OOFT! – An accomplished EP, with Asimo and Odet being my favourites.


Neil Quigley –  Odet is excellent, could be huge.


Hector Romero – I’m really feeling Asimo – wicked groove – the rest of the EP is tight as well


Graeme Park – Yes! Love it.


ATFC – Interesting. Will support.


PAULIE – Love Asimo, will play for sure


Gemma Furbacnk – Great package. Really loving the drums in Odet. Asimo is a great track and diggin’ Saltwater. Quality groove to the 4th track.Well done.


Victor (Mirau) – love the last 2 tracks thank you downloading for Tensnake


Danny c90s – asimo and odet are delicious!  asimo is the banger though. huge track.


Pavel Petrov – I really like Saltwater!  : )


Max Pask (Throne of Blood) – Nice one. Odet is great.


Brett Gould – Great E.P


Dominic Martin –  I love the Angelo vocals on the metamorphose track


Charles Webster – nice e.p….thnx


Jas Shaw – Another amazing release on GU! Asimo and Odet stand out on first listen but I’m looking forward to giving them all a spin. Cheers for these!


Illyus – Daniel trim come up with the goods again!


Sare Havlecik – Enjoying “Metamorphose”! Great vocals, great drive.


Christian Homan (RTE Pulse, Eire) – Odet and My new Episode for me on this.. Great EP mate


Bruno from Ibiza – My heart and soul will go for the vocal tracks, nice ones !!


Vandelay – Really feeling Odet, will definitely play it.


Alex Caslano – This is a really impressive EP with a great range of sounds and emotions  – the dark, creeping bassline on ‘Asimo’, the soaring chords of ‘Odet’ and the late night tech-funk of ‘Metamorphose’ – all comes together very nicely. Classy reversion of ‘Saltwater’ too!



ODET EP – Beatport