Daniel Trim follows up the huge Sasha favourite “O Day” with another varied four track ep.

“Do You Really Love What You Do?” is one of those killer pieces of electronic music that sounds just as good amongst the heavy rhythms of Erol Alkan and Boys Noize as it does in the classic house sets of Harri & Rob Mello. Its a simple record too; tough beats, Moroder-style bass and a hooky, spooky vocal that intones a message that everyone should follow, “Make your dreams come true.”

“It’s Entertainment” is a classic piece of jacking tech-house. Think Nic Fanciulli, Anil Chawla, Oliver Dollar – add a simple message about DJing (“It’s Entertainment!”) and some crazy vocal chops and you have a perfect go-to groove record.

“E-Link” is like “O Day” part 2. Built for the sun-kissed dancefloors of places like Warung and Ushuaia, this emotional roller coaster of a house track is the kind of stuff MDMA dreams are made of.

“Verso” finishes off the ep with a tripped out techno record that – if the Detroit Balearic genre existed – would be straight to number 1 in the Beatport chart.

Support from: Flashmob, Solomun, Russ Chimes, Till Von Sein, Groove Armada, Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo, Michel De Hey, James Masters, PBR Streetgang, Moonbotica, Rob Mello, Lee Webster, Moodymanc, Harri, Tom Breu (Radio 1 Live – Germany), Stefan (Morris Audio), Sergey Sanchez, Admin, Tim Paris, Shivers, Louis Guilliaume…

Laurent Garnier – Definitely an E record! Looooove it ……………. thanks a lot.
Russ Chimes – JESUS, how good is Verso? cheers for this!
Tom (Groove Armada) – hey man, these sound great. first 2 trax especially special
Till Von Sein – thx for this! really dig the daniel trim ep!
Solomun – Thanks man 😉
Hernan Cattaneo – good stuff man. thank you!!
Michel De Hey – again great ep from trim! love it:)
James Masters (Rekids) – DYRLWYD is rocking 🙂 Thanks Kevin!
Bonar (PBR Streetgang) – Thanks Kevin, strong interesting ep really like the groove of do ytou love what you do. really rolling !
Steve Parry (for Sasha) – very cool! d/l for sasha
Rob Mello – Sounding really good mate. WAVs would be great if possible.
Tobi (Moonbotica) – Thanks for sending. DYRLWYD? and E-Link for me.
Lee Webster – ‘It’s Entertainment’ is pretty badboy!
Neoteric – thanks kevin! I really dig the title track – makes me love doing what i do!!! appreciate it mate…great releases!
Moodymanc – I like it’s entertainment….simple but a great groove…and the trippiness of verso too…. really cool! Cheers!
Tom Breu (Radio 1 Live Germany) – two times “yes” my friend.. prefer DYRLWYD.. and yeah, i love what i do! 🙂 thanks for sending me..
Stefan (Morris Audio) – thanks for the music AGAIN! awesome out out! i love it’s entertainment best, think this will be a huge clubber! also like e.link a lot! great tunes all over 😉
Harri – Digging DYRLWYD mostest
Sergey Sanchez (Propaganda, Moscow) – Thanks for another great release! Will play DYRLWYD & Verso.
Admin – first two tracks are wicked, real nice slow builds on them. cheers!
Alex Calsano – Thanks for the promo, have to say my favourite is Verso on this one, deep and hypnotic – think it would go down a treat some time around 7am when everyone is spaced out haha. Really enjoying E-link too, progresses nicely! DYRLWYD is certainly a trip!
Tim Paris – yeah this is a good follow-up from the last EP. I really played it a lot actually !
Louis Guilliaume – Nice Release Man! Verso is the tune for me, Intense! Hope you are doing good!! thanks again for sharing!
Lorcan Mak – Really feeling its entertainment…the vocal chops are mental!
Leigh Morgan – It’s Entertainment is the cut for me sir from this EP, good track vibes
Ally McCrae – Thunderous, driving bass throughout, pretty intense! That’s entertainment is jumping out
Shivers – Feeling this one… Im not sure what my pick is – but Verso is certainly a contender! Supporting!

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