ARTISTs Joeski, Jerome Pacman, dubspeeka, 2ndSun, King Unique, Petrels, King Unique, Dems, Napoleon,Bakradze, Dave Seaman, Werner Niedermeier, Master Seb, Kiwi, Ashworth, Robert Babicz, Da Syk, Eckoclick,Madloch, Rae, Danism & Rae, Sotela, Javier Portilla, Emalaine, Joost Kumtome, Daniel Trim, Billy Kenny,Artifact, 2ndSun, Grum, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Anna Lunoe, Kolsch, Gregor Schwellenbach,Kastis Torrau, Amber Long

Here at Armada Music HQ, we’re kicking off a brand new series to take things in a deep, global direction. ‘Beyond Borders’ will follow top DJs around the world, as their own unique sounds blend with the local culture and people. Who better to start this new compilation series than the man King Unique himself, who takes this first edition straight to London, where deep grooves and heavy bass reign supreme. King Unique is a veteran in the scene, having done remixes for Underworld, Junkie XL, UNKLE, and many more, and having earned a sterling reputation through years and years of releasing at the highest level.

Have a look at the track list, and you’ll see that it’s completely full with artists at the top of their game, and plenty of King Unique original cuts. Grum, Kolsch, Dave Seaman, and so many more are all on this massive first edition, with 25 tracks ready to bring you straight to the heart of the action. Welcome to music ‘Beyond Borders.’